Facebook with 1% Organic Reach is just another ad network

I just had a very wonderful conversation which when I picked up held so much promise with the end of woes movie scene music playing in the background sprinkled with Grand Fatherly wisdom which could end my suffering


This was a call back from Facebook Folks after repeatedly badgering them on behalf of a client who was constantly aghast at the performance of other Facebook Pages compared to her own.


I started with my bitching about the ridiculously low reach on the Facebook Page for this brand which on an average was less then 1% for every post, and that on a page which does 1 post  a day. And this was her response.


“1% Reach depends on a lot of factors like when you last spent money on the page, the quality of the content and the engagability factor. And also 1% is a nice reach for a page of this size and do not be surprised if the reach dips further because it will”

The Illusive Facebook Reach

So now, fuck campaign ideas, creative renditions, content quality and post ideas, what we are supposed to focus our energies on is making the client spend as much money as possible on Post Promotion, Event Promotion etc. Fan acquisition and all the ads around it are now redundant. Actually one has to keep it in mind that Facebook already becomes redundant with the path that it has taken and becomes no more then a ad network with a huge base of users. The only difference which now remains is that Facebook has certain social aspects to offer which reduces the Word of Mouth aspect of marketing by 1-2 clicks which some brands in certain campaigns would really appreciate. And suddenly Facebook becomes a niche ad network!


I have been working in this field for almost 6 years now and even I have to say that when clients start realising the pointlessness of fan acquisition on Facebook especially an audience in India, revenues are going to drop and brands will begin to pull out. Chevrolet was right all along when they refused to spend any money on Facebook back in 2011 but disappointingly have started Facebook spends back in August, 2013.

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