Quote of the Month

Marketing Quote of the Month – August

I am a keen follower of digital marketing and how technology and mobile impact brands. I am a big Apple fan too. So, this is a coming together of things I am passionate about”

The New Digital Marketing Leader


This particular quote was mentioned by whom, you will have to find out for yourself. But the person is now to head a huge technology intensive digital capability based organisation.

The above quote tells you an incredible amount of information about the person who said it. Especially for someone like me who has made a career in Digital Marketing for the better part of a decade.

Everyone in marketing and to an extent in sales has been following fairly keenly what exactly Digital Marketing is all about and what are all the new ways in which you can target potential consumers. This can be tiny little manufacturing units in the rural hinterlands near major Metro’s to students in IIM and IIT dreaming about hiring their own personal bankers and chartered accountants.

I have not met anyone till now, including relatives and cousins who have not heard about and do not read somewhere or the other about Digital Marketing. Everyone who works is looking forward to what new miracle technology comes up with. Everyone has an opinion as to how these new developments will affect certain brands that they are familiar with.

Now coming to the later part of this brilliantly worded statement made by this individual. He is a big Apple fan too. Now what this shows us is a stereotype which Apple users also encourage themselves. “Apple users are creative then most”. This is mostly something which is relatable in the developed section of this planet where a lot of folks can afford Apple products on their own salaries.

We in brown and dusty land however can only afford Apple products till our mid-twenties unless Daddy has the funds or post that if we make a lot of money and don’t mind spending a Tata Nano’s worth of money over a technology which does not give you anything over and above what you can already afford at less than half the price. Also owning Apple products and being comfortable enough became a qualification and Smriti Irani is out doing courses from Yale is just beyond me. All you need to do is buy a certain company’s product and you become eligible for something. Most of us mere mortal cannot even score a privilege cards. And knowing the iOS environment even if considered important does not count for shit in India if your market like a majority of the brands out there are not limited to the 4 major metro’s in the country.

So all in all, reading and hearing stuff about Digital Marketing and owning Apple products and boys we have a new Digital Marketing thought leader, evangelist and pundit who will now be giving interviews and getting quoted in articles which are read by folks who are actually planning on getting into Digital Marketing and turning it into a career plan.

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