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The magic formula to turn content Viral

I have a lot of clients constantly asking me to make their various pieces of content, viral. However, most of them want the content piece created by the agency and than hoping for it to go viral as well. And you actually have to tell them that there is no formula as such and there is a lot of activities which go in the background to make anything go viral and hope that they don’t start looking for another agency.

Most viral content that we have seen usually involves Cats, Dogs, Puppies. But there are always those well thought out ideas which are brilliantly executed and than pushed through various platforms and thus become viral.

This made me start working on a formula, a potential game plan to give any piece of content a fighting chance to go viral. Below is the Mindmap that I created after spending a few hours everyday on a strategy which can cover as much as possible

How to create a viral sensation
How to create a virality

I have tried to cover everything possible here while distributing the whole campaign under 4 major umbrella’s. I am probably missing a few points while I keep adding more points as and when they strike me. Do share your thoughts in the comments section.


Also I created a presentation on How to Make something go Viral, which has some history and a little background on what is Virality, how it began and how you can start working on the same.

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