Indian traffic jam: Problems or Opportunities

Traffic is rising and will continue to rise. Pollution follows the same route. Blah blah blah, let’s get down to the business opportunities that I see happening.


Google Play alternatives slowly gaining ground

Google Play takes the lion’s share of the app market in India. Unlike the US or China market where Apple is a major player, India is almost complete Android market. Let us see who are the challengers for Google Play in the market and how they far against Google Play.


The 3rd cycle of the Indian mobile market

Half a billion Indian’s are about to become smartphone users. To explain the cycles, the 1st cycle is the proliferation of mobile telephony services with a massive population and area receiving connectivity. This was mostly limited to basic analog and feature phones. 2nd Cycle is where the feature phone stage has been reach. Analog phones… Continue reading The 3rd cycle of the Indian mobile market