Alibaba quietly edging out the competition in India

Alibaba has slowly but quietly established themselves in the India market, right at the point where India’s internet boom has taken off.


The 3rd cycle of the Indian mobile market

Half a billion Indian’s are about to become smartphone users. To explain the cycles, the 1st cycle is the proliferation of mobile telephony services with a massive population and area receiving connectivity. This was mostly limited to basic analog and feature phones. 2nd Cycle is where the feature phone stage has been reach. Analog phones… Continue reading The 3rd cycle of the Indian mobile market


Facebook with 1% Organic Reach is just another ad network

I just had a very wonderful conversation which when I picked up held so much promise with the end of woes movie scene music playing in the background sprinkled with Grand Fatherly wisdom which could end my suffering   This was a call back from Facebook Folks after repeatedly badgering them on behalf of a… Continue reading Facebook with 1% Organic Reach is just another ad network


Understanding Wikipedia: Friend or Foe

Wikipedia has proved to be a successful attack at what we call organised knowledge distribution systems employed by countries, companies and people with influence, money or power. It has successfully displaced the Encyclopedic, Scholastic publishing industry which were peer reviewed, screened by experts and authorities among other things. The point being that the level of… Continue reading Understanding Wikipedia: Friend or Foe